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Unrivaled Analysis

Use powerful transaction and account analysis to make better business decisions.

Slice and dice your data to support better business decisions

  • Avoid complex chart of accounts structures through discrete transactional analysis
  • Instantly incorporate new dimensions to your reporting as you grow, e.g. product; department; project; entities; etc.
  • 25 fields available per transaction to hold analysis, dates, free text, and notes
  • Rules to validate and auto complete data entry
  • Unlimited analysis elements within each dimension, i.e. unlimited projects within the project dimension

Analyse more than your transactions

  • Get data on customers and suppliers to enhance reporting
  • Group nominals to support automatic reporting hierarchies
  • Analyse fixed assets

Easy to maintain

  • New analysis codes or dimensions can be easily uploaded or set up
  • Synchronise the update of multiple entities from a master company structure
  • Rapidly create new entities by copying the structure from another with no additional cost
  • Easily reconfigure data or reports for changes to regulatory reporting (GAAP, etc.)
SunSystems Analysis Structure

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