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SunSystems – Award Winning, Sun Accounting System

SunSystems is the market leading accounting software used by thousands of organisations around the world.

Sun accounting software is the system of choice for many organisations due to its powerful unified ledger, unrivalled multi-currency, multi-company and multi-dimensional analysis capabilities and its seamless integration with other business software. SunSystems has remained a firm favourite for finance professionals for more than 40+ years.

Powerful Enhancements for SunSystem

Enhance your SunSystems installation with robust apps and workflows from FinanSys Apps. From automation to business intelligence and compliance, you can easily add multiple capabilities to your SunSystems setup to take it to the next level no matter your size, industry, or requirements!

The SunSystems Advantage

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SunSystems Modules Overview

Financial Management – SunSystems cleverly combines the functions of general, sales, purchase, project, and user-defined ledgers, as well as a cashbook, into a unified ledger system. This makes the full impact of any financial posting immediately visible, giving organisations a clear, real-time view of their business.

Fixed asset register – allows you to manage all aspects of registering, depreciating and disposing of assets. All recognised depreciation methods are available. SunSystems can value and depreciate assets, using separate depreciation methods and currencies, in compliance with local and corporate requirements, whilst maintaining separate book value and asset life figures.

Corporate Allocations – This SunSystems module was originally developed to facilitate the cost apportionment requirements of joint-venture oil exploration and drilling projects. Relevant costs could then be exported to the accounting systems of each joint-venture partner.

Nowadays it is most commonly used for sophisticated cost/charges allocations across cost centres, departments, projects, other analysis codes, accounts, accounting periods, transaction status codes, ledgers, budgets, and for inter-company posting routines.

Apportionment can be based on fixed amount, fixed percentage, or based on ratios described by any set of statistical or financial data held within the system.

Sales Management – supports the sales process from sales quotation right through to sales invoicing

Sales can be of non-stock or inventory items. And specific items can be restricted to designated customers, linked to price books, and tied to blanket sales contracts.

The system can even be used to generate back-to-back purchase orders.

Purchase Management – enables you to manage the entire procurement-to-pay process. This includes integration with the ledger to facilitate budget spend and purchase commitment control.

The system can handle purchases of non-stock items such as services, capital goods for entry into the Fixed Asset Register, and stock items that can subsequently be managed via the Inventory Management module.

Purchases of specific items can be restricted to designated suppliers, linked to price books, and drawn down against blanket contracts.

Inventory Management – enables you to manage inventory, including movement issues and receipts, stock counting, stock location and inventory costing.

Performance management – SunSystems has a range of analytic and reporting applications to support corporate performance management. This means that budgeting, planning and forecasting and consolidation is simple, even across multiple finance systems.

Business dashboards, scorecards, and a comprehensive range of other reports are easy to produce, ensuring the availability of real-time critical business information to end users who need to make the right decisions at the right time.

Notably SunSystems Query & Analysis is a dynamic, multi-language, multi-currency set of business intelligence tools that are powerful, flexible, secure, and easy to use. And they integrate with Microsoft Office thereby minimising the user’s learning curve, facilitating quick and efficient creation and analysis of reports, and eliminates the need for technical skills.