SunSystems Features

Scalable for single users up to hundred user finance teams that are spread across multiple offices worldwide, SunSystems is the truly flexible accounting solution chosen by organisations all across the globe.

SunSystems really exceeds expectations in organisations requiring multiple areas of advanced functionality to support:

Powerful Analysis

Quickly and easily analyse and report on the data relevant to your individual organisation: cost centres, projects, employees, properties, locations, funds, products or any other user-defined analysis dimensions that can be maintained with SunSystems’ unique analysis structure.

Rapid & Flexible Reporting

Instantly create and update reports based on a live view of the data within your organisation, therefore better supporting business decisions and saving hours on manual reporting.

Advanced Multi Company Setup

Automatic consolidation allows you to maintain an unlimited number of companies or departments with additional support for multiple charts of account structures, year-ends and analysis dimensions.

Un-Matched Multi-Currency

SunSystems supports unlimited currencies and rates with up to 5 currencies available against each transaction, including: transactional, base amount, multiple reporting values and a memo values to support even the most complex multi-currency environments

Seamless Integration

You can easily integrate your third party systems including CRM, Billing, HR, Membership, Donor, Booking or alternate business systems to seamlessly import and export both transactional data (e.g. invoices) and static data (e.g. customer details).

Automated Approvals

ser-definable process automations can be approved online or from the mobile application allowing you to automate approvals of any business process including employee expenses, invoice approval, new supplier requests and new analysis requests for projects, departments, funds or any other unique dimension.

SunSystems Key Features & Benefits
  • Delivers financial planning and analysis on demand
  • Fast Financial Close
  • Enables rapid and accurate transaction entry
  • Exceptional Multi-currency capabilities
  • Automated process cuts workload from days to minutes
  • Reporting is quick and easy
  • Customisable interface for each user
  • Maintain a grip on spending
  • Proactive credit control
  • Cashflow benefits for all
  • Minimise your chart of accounts
  • Control the reference data coding
  • Suitable for local accounting to global management
  • Integrates with your business processes and collects big data
  • Utilises the latest technology, including cloud based options
SunSystems Dashboards

Refreshed and updated in real time whenever data is entered into SunSystems the dashboards are interactive visual displays of key information, direct from the live system.

These Dashboards are tailorable and much like in pivot tables, “slicers” can be used to filter by Business Units, Accounting Periods, Analysis Dimensions or any other relevant selection criteria.

Their purpose is to provide key management information, to authorised users, on a single screen. The screens are available directly within the application or can be viewed on any device.

SunSystems Chart of Accounts
Sunsystems Account Allocation screenshot

The information output is arranged in “tiles”, each of which can have a drill down capability. This allows users to break out more detailed information, without needing to refer back to the Finance department.

When it comes to deciding what to measure and how to display this in a meaningful way, a support partner such as FinanSys can help with the design and structure of your dashboards.

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