Class Leading Accounting Software

A complete set of unified ledgers providing you with a real time view of your sales, purchase, and nominal accounts, with up to 25 levels of analysis and 5 currencies per transaction. View all the key information when you need it.

Streamline Sales and Cash collection

The sales ledger provides the following powerful functionality:

  • Distribution of invoices and statements via email
  • Recurring invoicing for repeat or contract billing
  • Full debt collection with tracking of receipts, notes, and actions
  • Generation of Direct Debit collection messages to send to your bank
  • Multiple contacts, addresses, and unrivaled analysis to use for reporting
SunSystems Sales Ledger

Control Purchases

The purchase ledger offers your organisation the ability to:

  • Raise purchase orders and invoices for goods and services, and control accruals
  • Generate electronic payments to send to your bank
  • Distribute remittance advices via email
  • Maintain multiple contacts and validated analysis to use for creditor reporting
  • Online procurement for staff, with full process automation, based on value and department

Manage your cash flow

The cash book provides your organisation with the ability to:

  • Calculate cash flow forecasts
  • Record cash book entries in one place, including prepayments and accruals
  • Reconcile bank accounts with bank statements
  • Calculate tax and prepare tax returns
  • Use journal templates to speed up manual entry
SunSystems Purchase Ledger

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