International Functionality

SunSystems international functionality has a unique ability to scale and handle complex multi-company and multi-currency configurations.

Unmatched multi-currency functionality

  • Unlimited currencies can be configured and automatically uploaded
  • Rates can be held on a spot or period basis
  • Store up to 5 currency values for every transaction (multiple-base, reporting, transactional, payment, and memo values)
  • Revalue balances at different rates as required

Unlimited companies and departments

  • Set up unlimited companies or departments with no impact on licence cost
  • Support multiple chart of accounts and year-ends by entity, and limit access by user
  • Quickly replicate an existing company set to create a new entity with or without reference data and transactions
  • Consolidate at detail or summarised level in any chosen currency and account level
  • Available in 23 different languages to support international organisations
SunSystems International Functionality - Any Currency Transaction

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