When sourcing third party data, avoid manual postings and the inevitable adjustments in Excel by integrating your external systems with SunSystems, to hold all the transactions required for your financial reporting.

A complete view of your organisation

  • SunSystems connects seamlessly with other business systems including: CRM, banking, payroll, billing, and many others
  • Import and export both transactional (e.g. invoices) and static data (e.g. suppliers, customers, etc.)
  • Automatically transform and translate data into the required format
  • Support for process automations and alerts as part of the import/export routines
  • Upload simple Excel documents for ad-hoc imports

SunSystems’ Intelligent Open Network (ION) integration platform connects SunSystems to your other business systems so they operate seamlessly together to execute business processes, process automations, alerts, and also update your data warehouse (if you have one).

ION quickly integrates systems, applications, and data across the enterprise, resulting in a completely unified platform for your entire business to run on.

Using ION to link your systems together means a flexible, manageable piece of middleware, which can cope if one of the underlying systems is upgraded. This means no costly rewrites of hard-coded integration when things change.

ION also provides full auditability of the data and process automations, and issues alerts to manage authorisation and exceptions, without IT involvement.