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Dynamic Reporting

SunSystems Dynamic reporting provides you easy access to design and view reports and dashboards to support better business decisions.

Instant access to reports

  • Access live dashboards on the go with mobile access
  • Generate management and statutory reports (VAT/SOFA) in the desired format
  • Report access and format can be restricted by role/user
  • A report writing wizard makes it easy for end users to write reports without technical expertise

Work in an environment you are familiar with

  • Reports can be written and shared from Excel with the seamless Q&A (Vision) link
  • Utilise existing Excel functionality and user knowledge to design reports
  • Report at a summary or detailed transaction level, and drill to see the original source journal
  • Create reports from reference data (addresses, supplier details, etc.)
  • Open up linked documents in Excel, pdf or your document management system
SunSystems Dynamic Reporting

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