Process Automation of Manual Tasks

Through the use of process automation your accounting system should support your finance function and therefore reduce the time spent on manual tasks, allowing the team to spend more time on value-added tasks, such as analysing the performance of your organisation.

Eliminate manual tasks and spend more time analysing your data

  • Import bank statements and automatically reconcile against your cash book
  • Automate depreciation of assets via multiple depeciation methods
  • Automate the apportionment of costs and income across accounts and periods via definable rules
  • Generate a payment run, and automatically allocate against invoices
  • Automatically schedule reports, and trigger reports, based on a set of criteria, e.g. if an account reaches 90 days without payment
  • Automate the upload of static data such currency rates, or account details, from another system
  • Upload transactions automatically from another source, including Excel or a front of house system.

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