Extended Analysis

SunSystems Extended Analysis (available in SunSystems 6.2 onwards) extends the already strong analysis within SunSystems. It allows an extensive new range of custom analysis fields to be made available against each analysis dimension. This provides organisations functionality to further sub-analyse data without the need to enter this data against each transaction.

For example, a professional services company may currently analyse revenue and costs by project, the extended analysis module would allow the organisation to create a ‘Project manager’ analysis dimension against each project which would allow instant further analysis of revenue and costs associated with the project managers without going back to amend historic transactions. The same concept could also be applied to a project start and end dates, a location, milestone, project type, etc.

Extended analysis for SunSystems also provides a suite of analysis functionality to handle specific customer needs such as instant sub-analysis of regions, grants, properties and a variety of other industry specific requirements. Allowing you additional views of your business based on the factors that are important to you.

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