Is Infor SunSystems 7 a true cloud-based SaaS FMS? Cloud technology has become a standard in most industries, and as such, businesses are flocking to the cloud as an appealing alternative to on-premises applications.

But not all “clouds” are created equal. There’s cloud and true cloud.

True cloud-based solutions are called Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). These are multi-tenant solutions built for the cloud from the start.

The software provider gives you remote access to the application and keeps your data on servers that are linked together. Your data is kept private, but the data centres distribute your workload and enable resources to be shared.

This lowers the cost of hosting the data since it is shared by many users.

The vendor takes care of the server infrastructure, software maintenance, security, updates, and backups.

SunSystems 7 SaaS

Infor SunSystems is an innovative, market-leading financial management solution used by 9,000 organisations globally.

Before now, Infor SunSystems, including the current SunSystems 6.4 version, has only been available as a hosted and on-premises software system. With SunSystems 7 coming, the software vendor is changing the game.

SunSystems 7 is a true cloud-based SaaS application, providing organisations with an agile solution that helps them reduce manual operations while increasing insights in this age of hyper-connectivity.

The software enables organisations to streamline operations, gain visibility across the business, and adapt to changing market conditions.

Streamlined financial planning and reporting processes that can be accessed from any web browser, all without the hassle of managing hardware and software.

Users also get increased visibility into the business with reporting that is highly visual, accessible, and intuitive.

Getting Started with SunSystems

How does it all work? To reap the benefits of true cloud-based solutions, organisations must implement a multi-tenant solution. This allows for a single instance of the software to be shared across all your users, reducing complexity and costs.

For more information about Infor SunSystems 7 cloud-based SaaS financial management and how it can be a game-changer for your business, please contact us today.