If you’ve gone through the process of implementing SunSystems for your company, then hopefully you’re seeing the benefits that come along with doing so.

However, even after you’ve completed the implementation, there are still things that need to be done to ensure the system is working for your employees and not against them.

Here are six things that you should be doing to ensure your organisation and your employees are getting the most out of  Infor SunSystems.

1. Evaluate and improve

An efficient accounting system begins with accurate data, but it is what you are able to do with that information that separates the system from the rest. The more you know about how your employees use SunSystems, the easier it will be for you to improve upon it within each department.

One of the most effective ways to get a feel for how your employees are utilizing SunSystems is to evaluate the reports that have been generated after going live.

You’ll want to compare these reports with your own personal observations in order to get an accurate sense of how well the system is working.

If you are having trouble evaluating SunSystems, it might be time to call in some external help. Most companies will have a SunSystems partner like FinanSys, ensure they’re getting the most out of the system.

Not only can a partner serve as a valuable resource for training and support, but they can also be of enormous help to you if you need some assistance evaluating the system.

2. Stay on top of training employees

While it may seem as though training your employees would have ended when SunSystems was implemented, the truth is that there is still much for them to learn.

A lot of what they’ll be required to do on a daily basis will involve making quick decisions about how best to use the software in order to get their jobs done efficiently and effectively.

If they are not receiving the regular training to stay up-to-date with how SunSystems can help them do their jobs, then they might end up getting frustrated with the software.

Training your employees on an ongoing basis is one of the most effective ways for you to ensure that they are getting all the possible value out of SunSystems. You have the choice of free training or full-day workshops where your employees can get certificates to show their proficiency.

3. Keep your software up to date

Once SunSystems is up and running, you don’t want to allow it to grow stagnant. As a company’s needs change, so too must the software that they’re utilizing.

It’s important for your employees to have access to new processes and tools as they become available through Infor. This ensures that employees can squeeze the most out of the system.

One of the easiest ways to keep your software updated is by working with a qualified SunSystems partner such as FinanSys. They’ll be more than happy to help you out with keeping things up-to-date and adding new features that will make your employees’ jobs easier.

4. Don’t see it as an IT project

This must be seen first and foremost as a finance project, albeit one enabled by technology.

Technology will change but finance processes don’t necessarily need to.

Realise that you are not looking for an easy-to-use accounting system, you are looking for a finance system that has great accounting integrated into it.

Technology doesn’t make finance processes better, finance professionals make finance processes better through technology. Individuals who are a part of the process should be responsible for driving change.

5. Spend some time thinking outside of the box with SunSystems

With a feature-rich software suite like SunSystems, there are a wide variety of different uses for it.

You might find that you can use one part of the software to eliminate a step in another process altogether.

Take advantage of any and all opportunities to improve your company’s efficiency through better utilization of SunSystems.

You may bring users of the system into the conversation as well to get their input on how they think SunSystems can better be used.

Keep thinking outside the box and you’ll end up getting the most out of your investment in Infor.

6. Don’t neglect the company culture

The new accounting system you’ve implemented isn’t meant to replace the “way of life” of your employees; instead, it is there to supplement it. It should be viewed as a tool that will help employees do their job better, not as an imposition upon them.

Senior management needs to “sell” the new system prior to its implementation so as to avoid resistance from those who will be required to use it.

Your company ethos should remain unaltered and employees should see the system as a positive addition to their day-to-day operations. You’re changing your accounting system and not the company culture.


Let’s recap: To be most successful with Infor SunSystems, you need to evaluate the new system to find opportunities for improvement. Also, your employees need to be trained and the maintenance updated as at when appropriate.

In addition, you need to think outside of the box and be careful not to neglect the corporate culture in the name of a new system.

If you do all these things correctly, it can lead to a more worthwhile SunSystems experience and ultimately huge benefits for your company.

FinanSys is here to help you succeed with Infor SunSystems. Contact FinanSys today for more information!